Thoughtful sustainable gifts for a merrier Christmas

Pianca Ceramics - thoughtful sustainable gifts

Thoughtful sustainable gifts for a merrier Christmas

As this year we won’t be able to meet at Christmas markets, I decided to create a blog where I hope you will be able to feel a bit the festive spirit that usually they brings.

Grab a cup of your favourite drink and discover thoughtful gift ideas for your loved ones and for yourself that are truly unique, meaningful, sustainable and eco-friendly. I am going to walk you through my latest creations especially made for this Christmas and then I am going to present you some of the best makers from Birmingham.

Now that we are spending more time at home I wanted to give you some thoughtful and sustainable gifts to brighten up your everyday life. They are not things to gather dust, they are made to enjoy and use in your home, to bring you joy and make you smile when you use them or share them with your loved ones.

It’s always time for a coffee boost

My new stylish and practical espresso cups are ideal for your morning coffee boost.

While taking this picture I remembered the afternoons spent at my best friend house, the long chit chats after a heavy lunch drinking espresso with a drop of cold milk, lots of sugar and some delicious pastries. Sweet memories are recalled by the everyday habits.

The set is designed in my original shape and feature my new Acqua glaze, a beautiful crystalline turquoise glaze that reminds of sunny summer day, a sweet breeze and a stroll in the sand and the sea. I know, it’s November, it’s Autumn, we can all feel that Christmas vibe, but I feel we all need a hug, a way to see our dream closer to become true.

Nothing is more important than a daily ritual

Pianca Ceramics - blue ceramic cup - unique ceramic mug - ceramic cup - handmade pottery cup - light blue cup - coffee ceramic cup - handmade ceramic cup - ceramic cups for tea - teacup pottery - cup ceramic

My new cups are ideal for your daily ritual, they are perfect for your cup of tea, cappuccino, hot chocolate, or any drink your fancy fill them with. Surround yourself with positivity and every day will feel lighter.

Holding a handmade cup is priceless.

I have designed a new shape, easier to hold with two hands, so that when your drink is too hot you can wrap your hands around the cup and feel the warmth, smell its aroma and smile.

Transforming an everyday routine into a meaningful moment

Pianca Ceramics - ceramic soap dish handmade - handmade soap holder - porcelain soap holder - best soap dish for handmade soap - ceramic soap - soap holder ceramic - handmade pottery soap dishes - soap dish handmade

Enjoy a moment of purifying refreshment.

Make the act of washing into a mindful experience, treat yourself to your favourite soap bar and soap dish.

At beginning of first lockdown I started suffering skin problems, I had lots of free time and I looked into natural skincare, since then I have slowly experimented different oils until I started making my own soaps. It is definitely not cheaper but it’s interesting and I love it! It’s priceless using your own soap bar and having a beautiful soap dish for it. Sorry if I don’t show you my soaps, they are great but they look awful for now!

I don’t know if it’s a regular maker mindset but I love making anything I need from scratch by myself.

Vases to fill with love

Pianca Ceramics - blue vases for sale

One of the things that I most like about this country is that so many people have their own garden. Gardening is a meaningful experience, doesn’t matter what you grow, the care and the time spent will always repay you back with something wonderful and unique.

Similarly I found that the process of making delicate and tactile porcelain vases takes the same care and patience required in looking after the nature. The result likewise is a special and amazing piece which is perfect to bring the nature’s beauty and serenity from the garden into your home.

Click here to see them all.

If you care about supporting handmade and independent makers by buying less and buying better, shop thoughtful sustainable gifts this Christmas!

Here you can find my favourite local makers, follow the links to see their full range of beautiful handmade products.


Roxanna is an award-winning goldsmith making timeless fine jewellery pieces authentic to her Persian heritage.

She creates an elegance and charm using warm colours and fluid forms in her collections, building precious treasures that will be passed down through generations.

There is such a great attention to details and stunning designs that will make you fall in love with her pieces.

Click here to see more

The Eloise Bindery

Eloise creates beautifully bound books that are designed to be filled to the brim with ideas, memories and creativity. The books are made using a variety of traditional techniques, complimented by colourful and contemporary designs.

Her botanical cyanotypes, marbled designs, coptic bindings, make her books artworks to use and treasure.

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Magda makes knitwear and accessories, mixing Polish tradition of craftsmanship and passion for art and creation. With vibrant colours, different textures, patterns and quality materials she creates cosy knitwear perfect for keeping you warm this season.

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Melissa Melting Pot

Melissa is a glass maker, she loves to glass blow, fuse, lampwork and enamel. She creates elegant and colourful glass pieces.

Melissa has designed fused glass at home kits, as she normally teaches workshops from her studio and during lockdown lots of people were missing her classes. Her kits are the perfect gift for any craft lover.

Click here to see more

Turning By Design

Chris is a wood turner, he sources wood either from locals and from trusted specialist dealers.

Choosing the best variety of wood, he makes tactile, charming and beautifully crafted pieces.

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Last but not least

This weekend is Etsy Made Local Market, Birmingham Originals is taking part with 47 local makers, you can shop from them clicking here.