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Mini Bowl


Mini bowl.

Smooth unglazed pure charcoal black porcelain outside and shiny blue-brown inside.

This mini porcelain bowl is a versatile vessel- use it for tealight, gem, salt, pepper, spices or jewellery.
This stylish bowl will make for a treasured gift for any special occasion.
It is available in two sizes. It measures approximately 2.5 cm high and 7 wide or 3 cm high and 8 cm wide.



Mini bowl.

Contemporary, elegant, tactile, handmade porcelain bowl.
Combining sculpture and design, I create functional unique pieces.

This stylish mini porcelain bowl will make a statement and create conversation wherever it is placed in your home, or it will make for a treasured gift for any special occasion.

This charcoal black colour is a coloured slip created by me. It has been slip-casted from my original shapes and moulds in my studio in Digbeth, the creative heart of Birmingham, UK. It has then gone through a first firing up to 900 degrees.

The outside of the pot is left unglazed to enhance the stunning beauty and purity of porcelain. To get that beautiful finish I carefully sand the piece until I feel it is smooth enough. It is then glazed inside and fired a second time up to 1250 degrees to make the bowl waterproof, strong and durable. The result is a contemporary ceramic bowl with a beautiful contrast between the pure charcoal black matt surface on the outside and the shiny blue-brown colour.

This mini bowl comes beautifully packaged in a rustic gift box and is then placed in a secure posting box.

Actual bowl may differ from photograph. Each piece is individually made so there will be slight variations in colour and shape, which is part of their charm.

Weight1 kg
Dimensions10 × 6 cm

7 cm diameter, 8.5 cm diameter

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