Rugiada al chiar di luna

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Wintertime is always a time to pause, reflect and look inside ourselves.

It is a time to prepare for the upcoming change and the spring blooming.
We are slowly moving to this explosive energetic rebirth of nature; but now we are at the peak of the calm and meditative time of the year that I most enjoy and found really productive for planning new projects. These nights are the most regenerative nights full of a recharging energy so I often like to stay up till really late to reflect and meditate in the quietness when everything seems to be suspended in time.
Recently, on my balcony I was in this meditative sort of trance while I was gazing at the nocturnal and magical landscape. Suddenly the clouds cleared, and the brightness of the full moon lit the whole sky, the drops of dew started glittering the metal handrail of my balcony. Amazed and inspired by the beauty of that moment I tried to capture it with these two new glazes for my new collection Rugiada al Chiar di Luna (Dew in the moonlight).
It features my new vase and some old favourite ones in two new colours.
A new satin milky white glaze, which is not as shiny as it was the white glaze I used before.
And a new dark metallic glaze, very elegant and reflective.

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