Have a look at some of the wonderful works made during my termly, short and one day courses with children, adults and families.

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I teach on various courses at MAC Birmingham throughout the week. These courses are for adults and are as follows:

Figurative Sculpture

Ceramic Sculpture

Ceramic Forms & Sculpture

Explore Ceramics: Clay Porcelain & Mould Making

Introduction to Ceramics

Introduction to Ceramics

(Click on the specific courses for more information)


I run as well some one day workshops at MAC Birmingham:

These are for adults:

Handbuilt Pottery Kitchenware

Decorative Pottery Weekend

Tropical Exotic Summer Pottery

These are for children:

Monster Pottery

Pottery Puppet Theatre – Jungle Adventure

Animal Sculpture Pottery

(More information will be available soon )


Ceramic workshops in schools:

I also run ceramic workshops within schools on a daily or half day basis. These can be designed to fit in with a curriculum theme, topical subject or inspired by an Artist or Art Movement. Techniques covered include coiling, slab-building, low-relief work and sculpture. Arrangements can be made for the firing of work if there is no kiln at school or air drying clay can be used. Enquire for availability.



Private Ceramic workshops:

I also run ceramic workshops in my studio or at your venue. Groups or 1 to 1 session. Taster sessions, Corporate Team events, Pottery parties.

Clay is a fun, relaxing and therapeutic material. It’s worth having a go!

1 day workshops or short courses.

Enquire for dates and times.

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