The journey to becoming a ceramic artist

An art lover, a sculptor and then a ceramic artist

I have always loved art in all its shapes, I studied sculpture and fine art in Florence, a dream city where I first come to know ceramic and its ancient history.

I have spent most of my life in Italy. I grew up in a small city and I was lucky enough to spend three months in the mountain every year. The stunning sight of the lake Como and the mountains from my summer’s bedroom is unforgettable, every year I go back there and on that balcony I can finally breath fresh air and the simply beauty of nature.

Being a dreamer and a creative help me to find inspiration pretty much anywhere, also in the every day life there is a tiny thing that makes me smile and imagine the next project. Obviously when I am surrounded by wonderful landscapes, contemplative nature, colourful skies or simply art I get hundreds of ideas.

An Italian ceramic artist based in the UK

I am currently based in Birmingham, UK, where I work as artist, designer and maker. Artist tutor at the Midlands Arts Centre where I teach ceramic and sculpture courses.

I design and hand-make every single piece with great attention to detail and quality materials from my studio in Digbeth, the creative heart of Birmingham.

I mainly make vases, as I try to combine sculpture and design. However I make as well mugs, planters, tea light holders and kitchenwares. My work is focused on creating handmade functional pieces with sculptural shapes and simple clean lines. I also make larger art pieces, either in porcelain and stoneware.

If you are looking for something specific or a special gift please do get in touch, I am always happy to help if I can.

My process

I usually start from a clear idea in my mind or a sketch. When inspired I sketch a lot and then pick the best ideas. When I turn my ideas into clay I usually alter them until I am completely satisfied with the result, obtaining prototypes. I then create plaster moulds. Each handmade piece is then slip-cast in porcelain and cut into the chosen shape. I love that from the same mould I can have so many absolutely different shapes, objects and results. Once the piece has been refined, maybe carving a decoration into it, it need to dry and be fired. I meticulously sand the piece before its second firing to erase the imperfections and to enhance the pure clean lines.

Explore your creativity and learn new skills in a group class or 1-1 session. Enquire for dates & time.

Design Process

Inspired by nature, skies, landscapes, art & life all my work come to life in my Birmingham studio.

Bespoke Orders

If you are looking for a bespoke or a unique piece, whether is a sculpture, portrait, vase or a cup, get in touch.

I teach and deliver art & pottery classes in schools around UK and Italy. Enquire for availability.

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